Grief Counseling

Have You Suffered a Loss?

The experience of grief — about loss of a loved one can be a rough rip in the fabric of your existence.

You may be numb, and at times you may be angry. You may be relieved. Some feelings overwhelm, while others make you feel ashamed, guilty. And all the feelings that are surfacing may strike you as a hot mess that doesn’t make a lot of sense within the frame of your normal self — the person you believe yourself to be.

You may have children to care for, a job to do, and added responsibilities as a result of your loss, but the pain you are experiencing may be so powerful that you are having a hard time giving the kids the attention they need, or you may notice that it’s difficult to stay focused on your job, let alone take on extra duties.

And what about your grief, and your needs?

Grief counseling can help you move through the intense pain and confusion of your loss by providing a safe space for you to express and process your feelings — whatever they are — with the use of words and with expressive arts when you just can’t find the words.

I can help you contain the feelings that threaten to overwhelm you. You will gain the support you need, and learn what to expect as you become more aware of your own unique grief process. Begin to anticipate times of year that may be harder than usual, and how to respond when the feelings resurface again.

The fog of pain as a result of loss will eventually lift.

In my experience, people suffering from loss were also helped by feeling supported by others who shared a similar experience. From time to time I run a Grief Support Group. Contact me for more information on joining one. (510) 859-4362.