Getting Started

Schedule Initial Consultation

This is generally done by phone. There is no charge and generally takes 15 to 20 minutes. You can use the red “Schedule Appointment” button. Once you do this, please initiate the phone call at the appointed time. My number is (510) 859-4362. If I do no pick up, leave a brief message and I’ll call back as soon as I’m able to.

Ongoing Appointments

I try my best to find a regular, consistent weekly appointment slot s, but there are times I will take advantage of cancellations to schedule new clients, before I am able to find a more regular time slot for us to meet.

Please note, there are times when I will need to either clear my schedule or to reschedule our regular appointment for another time. From time to time I do attend professional trainings or I may need to adjust my schedule because of parenting responsibilities during school breaks. In either case, I will give you as much notice as I can as it may mean that we have to skip some appointments.

Intake Paperwork

I will send an email with a link for you to access the intake paperwork electronically once you have made contact and scheduled an initial appointment. Please do this before your first appointment so we can use the hour more efficiently.

I do also prompt new clients to enter credit card information that is held by a credit card processing company called Stripe (I do not store your credit card information myself). Your card is charged only if you choose to apply a credit card payment when you have attended appointments, or in the event that you have no-showed for an appointment or made a late cancellation.


Please time your arrival at my door for no earlier than the actual appointment time. As I have no waiting room, I may be unable to answer the door if I am in session or on the phone. There are many coffee shops within a block or two, and if you are early, you may want to hang out there until it’s time to come up. I often leave the door ajar when I am expecting your arrival, though if the door is closed, do please feel free to knock if it is your appointment time. If you are running late, please text me!