Psychotherapy, When You Desire Guidance

This website gives information about therapy for moving through tough times


Did you lack the parental role models or the guidance you longed for, leaving you to navigate normal life events with the feeling that you are lost — in a vast uncharted territory? If so, you might desire someone to help you find your way, or to hear what you’ve never before dared to say.

Has your life or your relationship taken unexpected twists and turns? Are you feeling isolated or alone and anxious as you contemplate a change — or does change already have you in its grip, and it is not that easy to adjust?

As a psychotherapist, I am here to help. I can teach you to become more grounded, and help you get back on track to pursuing your goals. I can be your guide through the healing process.

Find new strategies when other methods are not effective in a non judgmental environment where you can make sense of the troubling situations or experiences that hinder you.

Why wait another day to seek guidance? You determine the direction, and together we will work out a pace — both of us taking one step at a time. Call now!  (510) 859-4362. Please be sure to leave your phone number if you want a call back.